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Coldfire is environment friendly, 100% organic and self-soluble in nature.


  • Definitely NOT FOAM
  • It has been developed to suppress and extinguish Class A, B, D and F fires and can be used safely in Polar Solvent fires.
  • Coldfire quickly extinguishes the fire while creating a very fast cooling effect. Prevents re-ignition by encapsulating (vaporizing) combustible materials and vapors.
  • It reduces the temperature of the burning substance below the “Flash Point”.
  • Does not deposit during storage.
  • There is NO SHELF LIFE under suitable conditions.
  • Does not leave waste after extinguishing.
  • Environmentally friendly, free of toxic substances, no oxidizing effect, self-soluble in nature, does not leave waste. Disposal does not create problems.


Tested by Underwriter Laboratories and certified by both UL and UL Canada.

  • UL tarafından tanımlanmış ve onaylanmıştır. UL no 2N75’tir.
  • EPA-SNAP (Significancy New Alternative Policy Program) listesindedir.
  • Toksik Köpükler ve Halon yerine kullanımı onaylanmıştır.
  • Non Toxic’tir ve Non Corrosive’dir.
  • NFPA 18, UL 162 ve UL 711’e göre test edilmiştir.

ColdFire Test - Makina OSB

Firefighting vehicles, Automobile Factories, Energy, Hotel and Recreation, Fuel Filling, Paper and Textile Production, Steel Production and Metal Processing, Warehouses, Refineries, Fuel Stations, Filling Stations, Transportation Vehicles, Open Space Storage, Residential, Shopping Centers that used in various forms in every sector.

In addition, It can be used to cool the heated areas of brakes in automobile races during welding.

  • Foam tank in fire trucks,
  • During forest fires in aircraft extinguishing tanks,
  • To increase the effect of water in sprinkler systems,
  • In portable and ceiling hanging tubes ,,
  • Mist Systems
  • Spray form
  • 1-3% in Class A fires
  • 3-6% in Class B fires
  • 6-10% in Class D fires
  • 3-6% in Class F fires