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MicroFire; is a new generation, effective fire extinguisher family that does not harm living beings and nature. As a result of detailed R & D studies, it is offered to individual and industrial users.


Our first product in MicroFire product family is Sticker extinguisher.

The MicroFire Sticker measures 100 x 50 x 3 mm and weighs 26 g.

No cable, electrical, pipe connection required. Only put to 20 cm above the possible fire place. No maintenance. Not subject to pressure vessels regulation. Easy to store. Easily applied in home appliances, chargers, cable ducts, CNC machines, batteries, vehicle engines, electric vehicles, data processing cabinets.

SHELF LIFE 10 years.


MicroFire Sticker

  • MicroFire Sticker does not require expertise.
  • They are clean, environment-friendly fire extinguishers that can be used by people of any age.
  • It is a self-extinguishing fire extinguisher with an effective volume of 130 liters and a shelf life of 10 years.
  • Flame touch is sufficient to activate.
  • When the flame touches, quickly extinguishes fire by producing nitrogen.
  • It does not harm the nature and equipment.

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