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Vibrations caused by environmental effects; It often causes irreversible and irreparable damage to electronic devices and artworks by creating micro-fractures. The earthquake causes large energy waves to overturn the devices / works of art, cause irreparable damage, deteriorate the settings and cause data loss. Earthquake-proofing of buildings protects only the building and people, and the electronic devices, computers, laboratory and test equipment inside are not enough to prevent vibration and vibration damage.

  • Our insulation system is 4 mm. It is unique in its field with its thickness and carrying capacity of 4 tons / m².
  • In the tests of the system at M = 7.4, the input value is 818 gal and the output value is 100 gal. In other words, it can reduce the intensity of the earthquake to unnoticeable degrees.
  • Insulation system life is unlimited. Maintenance-free.


Our seismic isolation systems are tested in the Berkeley simulation lab of the University of California, and for high sculptures under the supervision of Professors in the field of laser measurement / vibration laboratories of the University of California San Diego.


  • Under a Single Device / Equipment (MR / CT, Laboratory Equipment, IT Cabinets, Dialysis Devices, Valuable historical monuments in museums, etc.)
  • To the Floor of a Room (Operating Room, Laboratory, R & D Center, Command and Control Center etc.)
  • Can be applied under or over raised floor.


  • Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum
  • Smithsonian Institution – Washington DC
  • Getty Museum – Los Angeles
  • The Asian Art Museum – San Francisco

The thinnest and lightest seismic isolation systems in the world