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ALBERO project tests Extover® as a Fire Extinguisher

In the following years, the number of alternative vehicles for fossil fuel consumers will increase significantly. The transportation of such vehicles will also create new problems. Almost all of the vehicles provide movement with Lithium ion fuel cell. During transport, new risks such as Lithium fire, which have never been encountered, will arise. There will also be a great risk for the transporter, for example, the vessel.

In ferries, conditions are extremely narrow, as opposed to normal road traffic. Even small accidents can cause rapid and major disasters if they cannot be prevented appropriately and consciously.

With the ALBERO project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany, the RORO transport industry is focused.

ALBERO project; aims to integrate alternative vehicles safely in ferry traffic. Alternative motor vehicles are to be understood as electric vehicles, as well as gas vehicles, trucks or buses. The project will develop measures for safe transport of these vehicles and options for charging electric vehicles. They may only be used in daily ship operations, if known by all staff and if the staff prepared accordingly and regularly trained. The qualification of the maritime personnel is therefore of paramount importance for the transport of operated vehicles on RORO ferries. It is recommended to use Extover to control Metal and Lithium battery fires in the project.


More about the ALBERO project: www.alberoprojekt.de