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Digital apocalypse waited for Istanbul

Digital apocalypse waited for Istanbul

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A building designed to be flawless and earthquake resistant can escape the devastating effect of the earthquake. However, any electronic equipment in the building (IT Systems, MR, Tomography, Lab Equipment, Precision Measurement and Production Systems, etc.) and Artworks will be affected by the acceleration caused by the earthquake, will lose functionality and even be damaged.
In ISO 22301, “the capacity of an organization to maintain products and services at a predefined acceptable level after a downtime; <is s=””>. Continuity of the business will bring operational continuity.
For example, operation continuity would not be achieved if the data center of a financial institution was interrupted for a short time after an earthquake or if there was a disruption in the communication systems of the companies providing communication services.
Failure to protect electronic devices, critical centers or individual equipment from the destructive effects of the earthquake will also interrupt operations and lead to material and moral losses.
Seismic isolation systems are indispensable if buildings do not exist. These techniques are used especially in the construction of public buildings. The “equipment seismic isolation systems which have been developed in recent years, are used to ensure the safety and operational continuity of the material / device on it.
The world’s most innovative, slimmest (4 mm) and highest carrying capacity (4 ton / m2) equipment seismic isolation system was tested in California Berkeley University earthquake laboratories in 2018 and started to be applied in various places such as hospitals, data centers and museums.
You can watch the test video performed at Mg = 7.4 at https://bit.ly/2oMClsS  . As a result of the tests, Mg = 1.5 felt on the ground.
New seismic isolation system; it can be placed under an operating table, MRI Device, Data Processing Room, Operation Center or a statue. By placing the raised floor underneath, it is possible to place the devices on it or it can be mounted on the raised floor.

For example, the Louvre Museum searched the condition of the “seismic isolation system on the base of the historical sculptures that it would send to its branch in Abu Dhabi, and after various applications were made in 2018-2019, the works started to be exhibited.

Our latest patented product in seismic isolation is “Seismic Isolation Foot”. Seismic Insulation Leg can be installed in place of an IT cabinet or screwed foot under critical equipment, can easily carry up to 1500kg load. By damping lateral movements in case of earthquake, it prevents tipping and vibration damage. (Test video on ordinary concrete floor )
The key to Seismic Isolation is “Operational Continuity.. Institutions and enterprises considering operational continuity should pay attention to equipment seismic isolation regardless of the soundness of the building.

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